Coronavirus leaves thousands of migrants stranded in Niger

More than 2,300 migrants, mostly Nigerians, Malians, Guineans and Cameroonians, are stranded in six transit camps managed by the International Organization for Migration in Niger, reports the Guardian. The migrants who had embarked on irregular migration to Europe are stuck due to the border closures and restrictions in Niger and other countries as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier in the month, 256 migrants were abandoned by traffickers at the Libya-Niger border before being rescued by the IOM. More than 100 of the rescued migrants were Nigerians who had embarked on the journey to Europe via land despite the global coronavirus pandemic and border lockdowns.

Given the large number of migrants in transit camps, IOM said its facilities are over-stretched and it is exploring means to repatriate the stranded migrants to their countries of origin.

TMP_ 26/04/2020

Photo credit: Shutterstock/Troy

Photo caption: Migrant trucks from Agadez in Niger to Libya.