Dozens migrants die for boat accident for Libyan coast

Migrants wey pass 24 don die afta dea boat enta inside water for de coast of Libya. Na wen dem wan cross enta Europe from Libya for inside all dose rubber boats na im de accident take hapen.

De International Organization for Migration (IOM) tok say all of dem na men and majority of dem na from Egypt and Morocco.

Dose wey suvive from de boat wey get accident and de ones wey no get accident, dem com cari all of dem troway for inside one cell wey dey for Libya.

Plenti pepul dey die every year becos dem dey try use all dose rubber boat wey no dey safe for de dangaros water travel. Dis year alone, IOM tok say e don nearly reach 600 pepul wey don die as dem wan folo de Mediterranean take enta Europe.


Image Credit: Shutterstock/Nasib Damlite

Image Caption: Sinking boat