Returnees begin a new life in Edo State, Nigeria  

Returned migrants from Libya and Mali, who are originally from Edo State, are gradually beginning a new life back at home thanks to local livelihood and reintegration initiatives.

The State Government, in partnership with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), has opened a pineapple factory, where some of these returnees are now employed. 

A returnee from Libya, named Rescue, said: “I am glad to return home and start my life again in Nigeria after all the troubles I went through in Libya in search of greener pastures. The pain and experience I went through trying to cross over to Italy were unbearable. […] I had better stay and invest in my country than risk my life in the hands of smugglers.”

TMP_ 28/09/2020

Image Credit:  TMP/ Sunday Ani

Image Caption: Returnees at one of the reintegration workshops sponsored by IOM in Lagos.