Another 10 migrants picked up off British coast

Another ten migrants on two inflatable boats have been picked up by border patrol on the English Channel on 14 February 2019. These migrants will likely be returned to France and potentially another European Union (EU) country based on the Dublin Regulation, which states that asylum seekers should be processed in their first country of arrival in the EU.

The first boat was spotted at about 2:15am in the morning near the entrance of the Dover port, according to the UK Home Office. The HMC (Her Majesty’s Cutter) Vigilant was then sent to scene to bring them in.

At about 4:30am the same morning, the second boat was sighted and brought in by the Coastal Patrol Vessel Hunter. All the migrants were handed to immigration officials for interview.

“All 10 were found to be medically well. Their claimed nationalities have yet to be established,” a Home Office spokesman said.

Local MP Charlie Elphicke said: “While the number of migrant crossings has significantly decreased in the past few weeks following our campaign, these latest incidents underline why we must continue to be vigilant.

“That’s why there needs to be round the clock air surveillance along the French coast, so we catch traffickers on departure beaches and put a stop to their evil trade.”

The number of people attempting to make the dangerous crossing has increased since November and at least 300 migrants have been intercepted attempting the crossing from northern France to south-eastern England.

These migrants have been or are awaiting return to France from the UK.

“There will be a mutual commitment to conduct return operations as quickly as possible under the Dublin Regulation,” the Home Office said. “The UK will continue to work closely with France and other countries to return more migrants who have entered the UK by small boat, in order to provide a strong deterrent against the dangerous crossings.”

TMP – 23/02/2019

Photo: UK Border Force and National Crime Agency officers investigates an inflatable boat on the beach at Kent, 31 December 2018.  

Credit: Susan Pilcher/Shutterstock

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