How coronavirus dey affect waka abroad pipu

From where it start for China’s Wuhan, de coronavirus (COVID-19) don spread to all continents of de world except Antarctica and don infect ova 600,000 pipu globally. For waka abroad pipu wey dey travel to or dey reside for Europe, de pandemic don create extra gbege.

Europe don dey hit hard by de virus. As at 25 March 2020, dere don be 218, 170 confirmed cases of coronavirus across de continent. As a result, plenty European kountries don put strong measure wey get impact for waka abroad pipu.

De European Union, afta meeting for 17 Mrach, reinforce de external border by limiting travel wey no dey essential to de region for 30 days. Europe no dey alone for dis approach – more dan 50 countries don announce some degree of travel ban or waka abroad limit.

Many Europena kountries, plus oda kountries for around de world, don put nationwide lockdown, wey mean say pipu wey dey live dere no fit comot deir house except na for emergency case, say dem wan food or get medical care. Pipu who break dese rules go face fine or detention. Waka abroad pipu for Europe also dey subject to dese serious limitations and many dey face lockdown for camps and reception centres.

Support services for waka abroad pipu and asylum seekers across Europe dey at de lowest levels as per ova stretched health and social facilities. For de United Kingdom, rejected asylum seekers who dey rely on charities and churches make dem support dem don find demselves without anyway to have food and basic provisions, according to de Guardian. 

Charity boats wey dey operate for de Mediterranean dey also face gbege of logistics wey dey disturb deir search and rescue missions. Dese challenges dey make it even more dangerous for waka abroad pipu to cross de Mediterranean.

Humanitarian organisations don also raise serious konsign for wakaabroad pipu wey dey live for ovacrowded camps for de Greek Islands. As dem lack facilities, dem don describe de camps as “place wey dey correct to grow” de coronavirus.

For inside de global gbege, dem dey call for safe, orderly and regular waka abroad as a main part of de 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as dem dey take general ways to make say dem reduce de spread of COVID-19 from all standpoints wey include waka abroad.

TMP _ 30/3/2020

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