UK border control still dey work for lockdown so tey dem catch 500 pipu wey cross English Channel

Na about 486 waka abroad pipu wey dem find say dem dey cross de English Channel from France to de United Kingdom since wen UK enta lockdown for March 23 becos of coronavirus.

Border force officials dey catch new arrivals and dey transfer dem to immigration officials make dem process dem, na wetin Home Office talk. Dem no test dem for coronavirus but dem dey check weda dem get any signs.

Before, de Home Office spokesperson don press am  say “coronavirus no get impact for de way dem dey carry out work to respond to underground tinz wey dey happen and wetin to take manage am dey.

TMP_ 04/05/2020

Photo credit: Christine Bird

Photo caption: Ramsgate, UK – April 09 2020 A british border force control vessel called Vigilant in Ramgate Royal Harbour.