Libya govament wan make the world help dem 700,000 kurukere waka abroad pipo wey dey Libya

E reach 707,000 kurukere waka abroad pipu wey dey for Libya now and na only 7,000 of dem dey for house, na de oga patapata for Libya Anti-Illegal Immigration Agency yan dis mata wen him come de 5th African Forum on Migration, wey dem do from 14 to 16 September inside Cairo, Egypt.

During di talk-talk, Abdulhafid bin call for international help for the plenty-plenty kurukere waka pipu wey dey Libya. Dem African Union (AU) sef follow beg African govaments and institutions make dem join hands together do beta on top waka-waka mata, make dem also do policies wey go make backyard kurukere waka abroad go down.

De Director for dem AU Department of Social Affairs, Cisse Mariama, say make “all the pipu wey dey work on top this waka-waka abroad mata gas do everything wey dem fit do make things for beta well for the country and continent, unto say e go sweet make everybody work as one.”

If countries wey dey Africa and pipu dem wey dey work on top dis waka-waka mata fit join hands together, “e go help to produce policies wey everyone go fit see and believe and then help when everybody dey yan on top Africa waka waka mata just as e dey for de Global Compact for Migration,” na so Mariama talk am.

The koko for dis year talk talk na ‘Strengthening Migration Data and Research for Evidence-based Policy Development and Implementation: Towards Effective Migration Governance in Africa.’  Dem International Organisation for Migration (IOM) join hands with dem UN Economic Commission for Africa to do the three days talk talk.

Na since 2015 plenty Africans dey try travel go Europe tru way wey no pure – kurukere waka, backyard waka. E don reach 970 pipu wey don kpeme on top de Mediterranean sea dis year alone on to say dem wan enter Europe tru dem countries like Libya. 

TMP – 05/10/2019

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Wetin pishure yan: Dem kurukere waka abroad pipu wey dey for cell for Libya