Germany don comot for top European country wey people dey go for asylum  

Spain don overtake Germany for Europe country wey dey accept people for asylum, na so EU asylum agency, wey dem dey call EASO talk.

From January come reach April, Germany don receive 33,714 applications for asylum but Spain don receive 37.471. France and Greece, na dem dey follow Spain for dat matter.

Record don show say the application wey Europe receive for asylum last year pass the one wey don receive dis year well well. For dis year wey be 2020, the thin don come down to 43 percent, an e be like say na the border wey dem close because of Coronavirus na im cause am.

TMP_ 30/05/2020

Photo Credit: Shutterstock/Seita

Photo Caption: Silhouettes of a group of refugees walking with flag of Europe as a background