Italy: Three men accused say dem dey torture waka abroad pipu for Libyan detention camp don get arrested

Three men wey dem accuse of raping and torturing waka abroad pipu for Libya detention centre don get arrested by Italian police. A Guinean man and two Egyptian men don get taken into custody for Sicily, afta oda waka abroad pipu for a registration centre in Messina, Italy recognise dem.

Asylum seekers identify de men as de pipu wey capture and torture dem for d notorious Zawiya detention centre for Libya. According to witnesses, dem dey keep waka abroad pipu as prisoners for abandoned container, while dem dey try to get ransoms. De pipu wey dem detain go have to pay around EUR 6,500 to get deir release.

“Dem give us fon make we take contact awa relative so we go instruct dem how dem o pay for awa release,” wan asylum seeker tell de authorities. “For de time wen dem imprison me, I see dem shoot two waka abroad pipu as dem try to escape.”

Na only hard bread and seawater dem give de victims to chop and rink. Dem also report dat all de de women were “systematically and raped plenty times.”

Most of de victims don dey for Libyan detention camps wey dem sabi for violence and torture since July 2018 and dem just arrive for Sicily.

De three suspected criminals just recently cross de Mediterranean disguised as waka abroad pipu and dem arrive Sicily to find asylum.

Italian police talk say witnesses talk say dem beat dem with sticks, bottom of gun, rubber pipes, whip dem or give dem electric shock”, and dem don see oda prisoners die. Dem also refuse dem wata or medical attention for deir wounds or for diseases wey dem catch for de detention centre.

Witnesses identify de head of de Zawiya detention centre as a Libya man wey dem call Ossama. “He (Ossama) dey always carry two guns with him and, togeda with his partners, dem dey gang-rape plenti women,” one of   de victims talk. “De electric shock dey make una fall down to de ground unconscious”, anoda waka abroad talk, saying dat he don “personally see many pipu killed by electric shock.”

“Dis investigation dey confirm de inhumane living conditions wey dey inside de Libyan detention centres and de need to act at Internation level for de protection of human rights and make de control and reduce of dese crimes against humanity,” talk de chief prosecutor for inside press release.

Na more dan 5,000 pipu wey dey currently stranded for detention centres for Libya as of July, according to figures wey come from de International Organization for Migration (IOM).

TMP – 30/09/2019

Photo credit: Robert Y. Pelton/

Photo caption: Woman wey dem hold for Abu Salim Detention Centre, Libya