Ova 400 waka abroad pipu wey hang for Sahara desert rescued

Na ova 400 waka abroad pipu wey hang as dem dey waka by leg, na im search and rescue team hepp for along de Niger-Algeria border, accordin to de International Organization for Migration (IOM).

It no dey sure weda dem push de waka abroad pipu wey dem hepp back across Algeria. Rights groups don talk before say de waka abroad pipu don dey throw-way for inside faraway area by authority ofAlgeria.

De waka abroad pipu wey dem hepp dey from 13 countries, wey include Mali, Guinea and Senegal. Na most of dem dem carry go camp where dem go give dem food, water and to see dokita.

Niger na countri wey plenti waka abroad pipu wey dey go Libya and Algeria dey pass thru as dem wan cross de Mediterranean Sea make dem reach Europe. De Sahara route don dey nown say it dey very dangerous for waka abroad pipu. Aside de temperature wey dey high and water wey no dey, drivers and smugglers dey abandon waka abroad pipu plenty times inside desert.

According to de EU, Niger don become wan of de main ways for poor waka abroad pipu, and na like 90 percent of West African waka abroad pipu dey pass thru de country. Waka abroad pipu dey often spend up to USD 24,000 to get to Europe. Smugglers dey convince plenty, dey lie say journey dey safe and cheap, and say jobs dey as dem arrive for Europe.

Dis no go be de first group of waka abroad pipu wey dem go find wey strand for inside Sahara. For July, IOM talk say, it don rescue almost 400 pipu wey dem abandon for border with Niger and Algeria.

For 2015, Niger bring law wey make pipu-smuggling sometin wey dem fit punish and send dem go prison for up to 30 years. De Niger army also increase patrols for inside desert.

Dem arrest almost 300 smugglers and dem seize 170 trucks wey dem dey use carry waka abroad pipu in 2016 in Niger, dis come make price for smuggling waka abroad pipu increase, kidnap become more and dem come dey use road wey even harsh more for dose wey still wan try to do de journey.

TMP – 21/09/2018

Photo source: www.enca.com.  Photo Caption: Some rescued migrants in Niger desert