Gbege for Women and Shildren

De passage to Europe dey especially dangerous for women and shildren. Many women and shildren dey suffer physical abuse during deir waka, such as torture, rape and dem dey enslave dem, plus include oda types of psychological abuse. A 2018 UN report wey include 1,300 interviews with refugees and waka abroad pipu for Libya find say de “overwhelming majority”, that is most, of de women and olda adolescent gehs done get gang raped or dem don see where dem dey carry oda women and gehs away for sexual violence.

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Irregular waka abroad dey particularly dangerous for women and gehs. Smugglers dey plenty times force women into sex and dem dey make dem use deir body pay for services. A 2017 study wey UNICEF do show say women and shildren dey rely on pay-as-you-go scheme with smugglers (where de full cost of de journey dey paid as dem dey waka or at de destination) and dem dey plenty times end in debt, and dem dey become more open to abuse and trafficking.

Some 60 percent of Nigerian waka abroad pipu wey dey interviewed in Libya talk say dem see sexual assault or rape while 28 per cent talk say dem don raped or sexually assaulted. Nigerians dey excessively affected by dese gbege wen una compare dem to oda West African nationalities.

Once dem arrive for Europe, many women talk say dem face high levels of harassment and abuse while dem dey stay for reception centre, detention facility and oda temporary accommodation.

De specific needs of women wey dey vulnerable no dey often get addressed. For example, pregnant women dey struggle to get healthcare and regular check-ups. Living conditions wey no clean dey also increase de risk of complications for women wey carry belle.

Child waka abroad pipu dey even more exposed during irregular waka abroad journeys. Dere be many recorded cases of death, abuse and exploitation of shildren en route to Europe. An IOM survey of ova 4,700 migrants in Italy, showed that 77% of shildren talk say dem don dem dey held against deir will.

Once unaccompanied minors reach Europe, a large numba go miss. Dere are concerns say dese children fit be de victims of criminal organisations and so fit be at de risk of sexual and labour exploitation.

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