Smugglers dey responsible for 50 parcent of abuse wey dey against waka abroad pipu

Smugglers dey responsible for 50% of all case of violence wey dey linked to sex, violence wey dey physical, na im be say, dem dey beat person, and dem dey kidnap person. Mixed Migration Centre (MMC) people don talk to like 10,000 person wey don go this waka and dem talk say for deir 2018 Mixed Migration Review, say, policies wey dey tight tight no dey shift pipu’s motivation to move, but it just dey make dem choose how dem go do wit de options wey dem get.

“Instead make it reduce irregular waka abroad, policy efforts don tend to lead smugglers make dem adjust deir way wey dem go follow and methods wey no good wey dey make de wakka more dangerous for de people wey dey waka dis waka. Na at least 60,000 of de people wey waka de waka don die for de waka since de beginning of dis century. But if governments try to dey only find how to stop dis waka abroad and asyslum arrivals, dem go dey make lucrative business opportunities dey continue to dey available for dem smugglers dem, na wetin Bram Frouws, head of de Mixed Migration Centre talk.

‘’Smugglers dey often give dem deir only option to reach where dem fit dey safe. If people wan waka abroad, smugglers go dey,’’ he talk. For 2016, na at least  2.5 million person wey dem smuggle go different different places and dem get up to USD 7 billion. Depending on where dem don reach for de waka, na between one third and two thirds of all pipu wey dem talk to, talk say dem rape dem, dey rob dem, dey beat dem and dem dey even dey kidnap some of dem.

Motivation dey dey different per waka abroad route, de report show. “De waka abroad from West Africa na becos of money mata, while dose people wey dey travel from Afghanistan dey more related to maltreatment and security issues. Dose people from the Horn of Africa towards Yemen and Saudi Arabia dey move because of economic reasons, while dose wey dey move from de Horn towards North Africa and Europe dey move becos dem lack basic rights. Most pipu dey see serious abuse for de waka, but like 70% of all the people wey dem talk to, talk say dem go waka dis waka again, even though dem sabi de risk wey dey dere, showing de strength wey dey for pipu’s goals and determination to waka,” talk Bram Frouws .

However, even say some go make de same decision, dem also talk say dem no go encourage make odas follow dis waka. Frows talk say: “Na almost 60 percent of de same pipu wey dem talk to say, as dem don sabi de risks wey dey increase, dem no go encourage make odas waka abroad,

TMP – 29/11/2018

Photo caption:  BERKASOVO, SERBIA: Refugees walking carrying heavy bags on the Croatia Serbia border